Not my Circus Not my Monkeys

I flat out love this saying!!! More than anything it is a great reminder to MYOB.  Getting caught up in […]

Patterns Tell Our Life Story

Patterns are everywhere if you are paying attention.  There are in our every day without even realizing it.  Kind of […]

24 Hour Rule

We are all guilty. We have all done it. Had an emotional outburst. And sometimes taken it out on

Circle of friends

They say if you can count five people in your life as friends, then you are blessed.

Strong Women are not Born

Strong women are not born.  Strong Women are well sculpted by design.  The example of others around them help, but […]

who is better than you

Transitions in the New Year

Transitions are constantly happening to all of us whether we realize it not. I believe the New Year and birthdays […]

Why do we self sabotage???

They say Love is blind.   So is self Love even blinder?? Is that even a word?  How is it that […]

Winners Rotate

Just as Fall turns into Winter… winners rotate.  It is a natural occurrence.  One that is not always popular.  I […]

No two Brains are exactly alike

How do you write about a subject that is so universal and important and not be humbled by it?  You […]

Giving thanks… what that means to me

The older I get the more precious life becomes.   I realize year after year how much the world outside of […]

Dog spelled backward is……..

You know the answer!! Yes, we love our four legged friends.   Dogs are often time the lifeline we need to […]

The Girl who Inspired a Spaghetti Dinner

Sometimes in life the smallest, quietest people have the largest impact.  They are so powerful in their presence that you […]

Show me the way

Every night I say a prayer in the hope that there’s a heaven And every day I’m more confused as […]

Golden Rule.. Those that own the gold

The old saying about the Golden rule is something I would like to challenge.  Here is the saying.  “Those that […]

Life is a 2 way street

One ways!  We all know them.  They are the ones that are your BFF when they need something.  An invitation, […]

Authenticity is the New Black

Don’t we all love it when we get to hang out with the Real Deal?? Not the Jones’.  Fake is […]

Take these Wings and learn to Fly

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